Susan Murphy Milano Testimonials

My daughter and the lives of my grandchildren were in danger. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was referred to Ms. Murphy-Milano by a co-worker.  As a health care professional in forensic nursing I thought I had all the answers.  I am of the opinion, had I not sought Ms. Murphy Milano’s services for my daughter, I would be planning her funeral.  We had learned my former son-in-law had purchased a shot gun as he was not going to allow her to leave and file for divorce.  Ms. Murphy Milano’s investigation into my daughter’s nine year marriage uncovered disturbing events.  We found computer porn sites to an on-line journal of murder suicide cases in the news listed by month and year from across the country.  Along with financial records showing a small fortunate of debt owned by my daughter of which she had no knowledge.  We waited until my son-in-law left for an out of town trip. This allowed us enough time to plan a life saving and altering strategy with the help of Susan.  At the airport my son-in-law was served with divorce papers.  This included temporary custody of the children. For safety reasons we moved my daughter far enough away where she could not be found.  

I am grateful for the services provided to my family by Susan.  She is truly an angel providing directions that saves lives!

Thank you Susan for everything!

Elizabeth Casey, D.N.P., R.N.


As a police officer’s wife I was in fear for my safety. You opened my eyes. Made me believe I could get out. You took the time to work with me on my personal and legal issues. And you gave me a book with information I needed. I was able to leave with my life.  I can never say thank you enough. God Bless You.  Wife of a former Texas State Trooper.


Susan, thank you for your energy and passion in teaching others how to help victims in crisis.  You my dear are God’s precious jewel. –

Shirley Williams

Administrator for the Center of Public Policy

Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA